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Frédéric Coispeau

  • Co-founder

Creative director

Alexandre Muttoni

  • Co-founder
  • Art director

Guillaume Levieux

  • Game Programmer Researcher

Camille Giraudeau

  1. Composer
  2. Sound designer

- 2013

Meeting between Frédéric Coispeau and Alexandre Muttoni (during a barbecue)

- 2014

First contact with Devolver Digital

- 2015

Creation of the studio

- 2016

"Mother Russia Bleeds" (PC, PS4, Switch) published by Devolver Digital

- 2018

Creation of a new game prototype during the "Urban Game Jam"

- 2019

"Heave Ho" (PC, Switch) published by Devolver Digital

It all started in 2013 with the chance meeting between Frédéric Coispeau and Alexandre Muttoni. One wanted to help resuscitate the "Beat'em all" game genre, the other is passionate about combat sports. It is how Le Cartel Studio was born. 

Florian Reneau joined the team as programmer, and Vincent Cassar (aka Fixions) as composer. Then the team is contacted by Devolver Digital to sign a first publishing deal. In 2016, the team gave birth to its very first game: "Mother Russia Bleeds".

Very different story for their second game. This new journey began during a game jam. Very enthusiastic about the prototype created in 48 hours, the studio decided to continue the development by collaborating with Florence Noé as programmer, and Camille Giraudeau as composer / Sound designer. This project became "Heave Ho" and was released in 2019, published by Devolver Digital.

Beyond creating its own works, the studio also likes to bring its know-how to external projects: Work for hire as game design, art, consulting, workshops…